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Alternative Ichimoku MetaTrader 4 Forex Indicator - Download MT4 Free!

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My current Forex trading plan and results, what you traders think?

My current Forex trading plan and results, what you traders think?
Chart Indicators:
A. ATR(14)
B. Baseline Indicator: Ichimoku[baseline]
C. Volume Indicator: WAE_Ext
D. Confirmation Indicator #1: EMA(20)
E. Confirmation Indicator #2: WAE_Ext
F. Exit Indicator: Price action
Find, trade, and exit buy\sell position plan:
Check FXTT Scanner[MT4:M30] verify with 2nd Conformation Forex Scanner[TradingView] check MarketMilk status if buy\sell position found make buy\sell trade[MT4] monitor buy\sell position(s) for exit on Tradingview[Heikin Ashi Chart: M15].
my current trading results using the above trading plan

week before

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Forex King Mt4 Trading Indicator: Unlimited & FREE Download

Forex King Mt4 Trading Indicator: Unlimited & FREE Download
Forex King Mt4 Trading Indicator is new and best profit gainers Metatrader 4 Indicator, proper use of Forex King Mt4 Trading Indicator can make you a successful forex trader.
Forex King Mt4 Trading Indicators and their performance.
1) Ichimoku
A classic indicator that combines several approaches to market analysis and is designed to identify trends, support lines, and resistance and generating buy/sell signals. In this strategy, we will use parameters 7, 42, 52 instead of the standard ones. Market entry carried out depending on the position of the current price relative to Ichimoku blue line indicator
An additional trend indicator for filtering signals. The entrance to the market is carried out depending on the color of the bar graph in the bottom parts of the graph.
Another trend indicator for filtering signals. Market entry carried out depending on the color of the bar graph in the lower part graphics. As with the previous indicator, the Forex King strategy standard parameters for this indicator are used.

Download now free & Unlimited

Forex King Mt4 Trading Indicator
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Tutorial tradingview (análisis técnico y criptomonedas)

Ante todo un cordial saludo, soy el usuario noemk2. soy venezolano residenciado en lima y quiero darles consejos de como utilizar el tradingview que para mi es mejor que mt4 o mt5, PORQUE? (lo voy a dividir en pros y contra)
1) Es una plataforma que tiene su propio codigo de lenguaje para ser script personalizados 2) Cuenta con una comunidad unida, (habla inglesa) 3) Cuenta un chat activo todo el día (habla inglesa) 4) Cuenta con la mayoría de los indicadores 5) No necesita instalación, funciona con el navegador 6) Cuenta con la mayoría de los pares de divisas y criptos
1) No es compatible con todos los brokers 2) Tiene un maximo de 3 indicadores que puedes usar en una grafica (tienes que pagar para mas de 3) 3) Solo cuenta con 1 sola alarma gratuita (tienes que pagar para mas de 1) 4) Solo puede obtener una serie de script publicos, los privados se debe pagar
REGISTRARSE A TRADINGVIEW( por facebook o google. etc) 
la mayoría sabe esto... CAMBIAR EL LENGUAJE A INGLES ( es necesario porque la comunidad hispana no existe) ya registrado cambiar la bandera de España a estados unidos ( https://prnt.sc/gzsrye ) y asi deberia quedar ( https://prnt.sc/gzsuj2 ) VAMOS AL GRAFICO ( APPLE POR DEFECTO) ( https://prnt.sc/gzswlq ) CERRANDO VENTANAS LADILLOSAS ( https://prnt.sc/gzszis ) y asi deberia quedar ( https://prnt.sc/gzt3t4 )
  1. IDEAS DE OTROS USUARIOS ( es un icono de una bombilla ( https://prnt.sc/gzt6m3 ), al hacer clic vemos como nos aparece esto ( https://prnt.sc/gztet7 )
  2. CHAT ( tenemos 3 canales principales criptomonedas, forex y stock e indices ) https://prnt.sc/gzthsb y al maximizar la ventana de chat nos quedara asi ( https://prnt.sc/gztiuo )
  3. SCRIPT ( son indicadores personalizados por otros usuarios, existe una biblioteca publica y otros indicadores se paga$) (pd: en el grafico cambie BTCUSD) https://prnt.sc/gztnof y para agregarlo a nuestra gráfica solo haciendo clic en el indicador
    ( no hablare de retrocesos fibonachi, ni de patrones harmonicos, ya que eso esta refrito )
  4. REGRESIÓN LINEAL ( siempre nos han dicho que la tendencia Es Esa amiga que nos brinda de todo y no le paramos bola, bueno con la Regresión lineal podemos saber que tan fuerte es una tendencia, COMO? https://prnt.sc/gzudiv y seleccionamos una tendencia, https://prnt.sc/gzuncd, las entradas son cuando el precio choque con puntos pivot y la tendencia hara su trabajo
  5. ICHIMOKU ( es muy complejo este indicador (hay libros en torrent) pero diré lo necesario, lo mas importante de ichimoku son cuando el precio interactua con la nube (como seleccionar https://prnt.sc/gzur5d ) y entradas https://prnt.sc/gzuxz1
  6. PUNTOS PIVOT ( este indicador es lo mejor de tradingview porque nos ahorra tiempo de revisar la grafica y colocar sus respectivos soportes y resistencias diarios, semanales y mensuales, hasta anuales ( puntos pivot son cuando el precio cambia de dirección se produce un soporte o resistencia) es una herramienta muy útil, las entradas es según como interactura el precio con el punto pivot. Selecionamos https://prnt.sc/gzv8rw, despues nos sale asi https://prnt.sc/gzv9kb, configuramos https://prnt.sc/gzvcnu y las entradas https://prnt.sc/gzvi8s
    Ejemplos (21/10/17) 
    Análisis del LTC/USD utilizando ichimoku y pivot ( https://prnt.sc/gzwu07 ) 13:38 recomendaciones : Su tendencia alcista es debil (0.37) Probablemente el precio toque la nube y suba o trate de penetrar la nube (ya que su tendencia originalmente es bajista de 0.7). Esperaría aquel precio baje y reaccione con la nube y según eso compraría, tendencia muy bajista, baje hasta 56
Este post lo estaré actualizando con el tiempo, para hacer una guía completa
Porque hago esto: otra manera de matar tigritos
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So you've begun forex exchanging and are amped up for how a lot of cash you're going to make, you should simply stall out in. In any case, when would it be advisable for you to exchange? Where would it be a good idea for you to enter? Which money sets would it be advisable for you to take a gander at?

Envision if there was an answer that let you know precisely when to enter an exchange!
New kid on the block dealer, meet Mr. Marker. Disregard those senseless climbing ashy candles, that poo is simply excessively mind boggling.
What on earth is a bullish overwhelming flame development at any rate? I'm a new kid on the block, I don't have a clue, or care, I simply need to make cash damn it! Demonstrate to me the most straightforward approach to make cash at the present time!
Sound commonplace?
These mystical pointers will guide you. Like a Magic 8-ball. They'll demonstrate to you the route to the heavenly place that is known for forex magnificence, where the avenues are cleared in green pips, and everybody you meet gives you a bar of bullion, since you merit it.
It helps me to remember my most loved Guns n Roses track "Bring me down to the heaven city where the pips are green and the diagrams are beautiful, goodness won't you please take me home, hold up ouw"
In this way, what precisely is a MACD, CCI, ATR, RSI or a ridiculous Stochastic!
They all solid so logical; without a doubt they should be great?
All things considered, I'm sorry to learn your air pocket… yet this is simply one more approach to peruse value developments in the market (a few brokers like to call this value activity). A marker is parcel more like salt and pepper than Colonel Sanders 12 mystery herbs and flavors.
On the off chance that you just learn one thing today, make it this: As merchants, we just approach a constrained measure of data.
These are the main two things we know without a doubt:
What cost is presently?
What cost was 1min, 5mins, 15mins, 1hr (you get the thought) prior
That is it.
All markers are doing is demonstrating to you this data in an alternate organization.
Presently, for all the pointer fans out there, you'll be satisfied to know it's not all foolishness. Pointers are intended to indicate past examples in the market that probably won't be anything but difficult to see with the stripped eye. What's more, the hypothesis goes, in the event that you can distinguish an example from an earlier time, at that point you'll have the capacity to anticipate what's to come. In any case, that is a discussion for one more day.
Will forex dealers foresee what's to come? That is an incredible theme for my next blog entry… hold tight, let me record that…
Alright, I'm back. Presently, the current theme – Which pointer would it be advisable for you to utilize?
Whichever one you need.
Apologies, I realize that is most likely a bit of disappointing…
All it's doing is demonstrating to you what you definitely know (present and past market cost) in an alternate visual configuration. So discover a pointer you see, at that point stay with it.
My solitary suggestion is to abstain from running different pointers without a moment's delay since you'll likely befuddle yourself.
Picture result for MT4 window with pointers
It would appear that it's a great opportunity to purchase, sell, hold and turn.
By and by, I like to exchange bare. That is correct, starker's.
You will probably discover once you watch the graphs for a considerable length of time, you won't require the spiritualist Ichimoku Cloud to furnish you with a climate figure. You'll have the capacity to gaze toward the sky and tell for yourself whether you'll require an umbrella for the session ahead.
Contact: https://hawksfx.com, +44 208 638 8973.
Head Office
Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX United Kingdom
Asian Branch
19/1, Sri Sumanarama Road,
Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka
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Rsi Ichimoku Indicator – indicator for MetaTrader 4 How to Use the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator on MT4 Algorithm based on ichimoku (MT4) Ichimoku indicator setup in forex MT4/MT5 chart - YouTube MACD Ichimoku – indicator for MetaTrader 4 Ichimoku Indicator for MetaTrader 4 How to use Ichimoku Cloud Indicator in Trading 🏯 - YouTube

How to install Ichimoku Alert Indicator in MetaTrader 4 / MT4: Download/Copy/Save the MQ4/EX4 file into your C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators folder (or change the folder to your installation sometimes forex broker name) Restart your MetaTrader 4 application (assuming it’s currently open) … or Launch your MetaTrader 4 application Ichimoku Average Indicator; Ichimoku Kinko Hyo with ATR Ratio; Ichimoku MTF Alerts Indicator; Wajdyss Ichimoku Candle Alert; TS Money System Pro; TDI Trading System; Spaghetti FX System; FX Prime System; FX Venom Pro System; Find more indicators. Search for: Search. What are your best indicators? MACD; Bollinger Bands; Stochastic; RSI (Relative Strength Index) ADX (Average Directional Index ... Ichimoku Cloud Forex Trading Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator(s) and template. The essence of this forex system is to transform the accumulated history data and trading signals. Ichimoku Cloud Forex Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. Based on this information ... Ichimoku Co. Ltd. had been cooperating with Forex-Soft Programming Co. between 10th January 2018 and 14th June 2019. In the aforementioned period of time Forex-Soft Programming Co. was responsible for programming the Ichimoku Waves Meter indicator in the MQL4 language. Forex-Soft Programming Co. fulfilled its obligations conscientiously and timely. Its activities were flexible, professional ... Ichimoku Indicator MT4 is a well-known technical analysis indicator used in forex trading to make a better and accurate decision. It consists of the following: Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen, and Senkou Span B. Ichimoku is also known as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (IKH). Ichimoku’s Japanese translation is “glance at a chart in equilibrium.” The three elementary layers of Ichimoku Indicator: The Present ... Download Ichimoku trading system Mt4 free. Conversion line or Tenkan-Sen line: it calculates 9 high periods and 9 low periods and then divided it by 2. Base line or Kijun-sen line:the base line in forex mt4 trend indicator calculated by taking the 26 periods in live trading software high and low then 3 divided it by 2. This article will explain the basics of the Ichimoku indicator and how to use it in MetaTrader 4 to augment trading Forex, as well as a look at a wide range of possible strategies you can use it with. What is the Ichimoku Indicator? The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator was developed in the 1930s by Goichi Hosoda, a Japanese journalist. He spent 30 ...

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Rsi Ichimoku Indicator – indicator for MetaTrader 4

The ATR Indicator Is The Single Best Indicator Forex Traders Can Have (Use It or Lose It) - Duration: 16:40. No Nonsense Forex 613,973 views We aim to be a place where every forex traders can gain free resources about trading. -About-MACD Ichimoku – indicator for MetaTrader 4 Forex Strategies Forex Indicators Forex Systems-Connect ... ForexMT4Indicators.com is a compilation of free download of forex strategies, forex systems, forex mt4 indicators, forex mt5 indicators, technical analysis and fundamental analysis in forex trading. Ichimoku trading indicator. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE I will ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Learn how to use the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator on the MT4 platform, brought to you by Investoo.com. Join Investoo.com today and learn to trade in more than video lessons and trading courses. Ichimoku Indicator for MetaTrader 4 TYP: Freeware MQL5 Download MT4 and Start Trading http://mt4.tradingapplication.net.